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The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) announced on Wednesday that it has taken considerable steps toward the Turkish...


Arabic (العربية al-ʻarabīyah or عربي/عربى ʻarabī ) is a name applied to the descendants of the Classical Arabic language of the 6th...

I am talking of course about the advertisements for the “Pimsleur Approach” language course which pop up on my computer monitor every now and...

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Website localization for leading auto manufacturer

04 December 2010 Saturday

A large advertising company came to us to perform a very sensitive, multilanguage website localization for a major Turkish auto manufacturer.

Working closely with the advertising company, we translated, transcreated and localized this website under very tight time pressure. In particular, we overcame some formidable graphic design problems and were able to create a product that satisfied both the advertising company and the auto manufacturer. In fact, they tested our language in several focus groups and the website translations were received very favorably.


Online marketing tool translation

05 April 2009 Sunday

Our customer, part of the largest Turkish holding group, works with Global 500 companies to optimise their direct and interactive marketing.  Thus their clients operate in multiple countries. For one of these clients, under intense time pressures, they required the translation and localisation of an online marketing tool into 12 languages.

SEMANTIK was challenged to provide consistent translation of a technical subject matter across the 12 languages in multiple formats.  In addition, as can be the case, timelines were tight.

Using our rigorously selected translators and proofreaders as the core team, we quickly set up our typical project structure of overall project manager and translation/proofreader teams by language.  As a first step, the project manager identified any important terms to be added to the Client Glossary and, once agreed, this Glossary was used to ensure consistency of meaning across all languages.  Proactive communication further ensured our customer was delivered a market ready translation on schedule.

Translation of highly condifential material

03 April 2009 Friday

A Fortune 1000 company facing a major reorganization needed to translate highly confidential material to explain their plans to their worldwide staff.

SEMANTIK organized a massive effort of concurrent translation into nine languages including Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Greek, Kazakh, Bulgarian.
Both written documentation and multimedia presentations were required. Perhaps the most sensitive aspect of the project was a video presentation by the CEO of the corporation. This necessitated a voice over which was both accurate and authoritative. All of this work had to adhere to strict deadlines and security. The work was concluded on schedule as required.